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C3 SELECT Golf Balls

+ C3 SELECT™ Golf Balls

C3 SELECT™ Golf Balls

GolfBallSelector.com is proud to present C3 SELECT™ Golf Balls, the highest-grade, near-new reclaimed golf balls, performance tested and certified by GolfBallTest.org. These are top grade golf balls bench tested for compression, cover integrity/look-and-field, color,and roundness. The C3 SELECT™ Golf Balls have been subjected to ballistics-testing protocol to validate near identical performance potential as may be realized by the same new ball for distance, spin and launch angle.

Why C3 SELECT™ Golf Balls?

  • Customizable - to each players swing and game objectives using the GolfBallSelector.com fitting process1.
  • Certified - top grade reclaimed golf balls performance certified by GolfBallTest.org.
  • Cost Less - up to 50% less than new balls with the same performance for most golfers.

C3 SELECT™ Golf Balls feature leading brands of top grade - "like new" - recycled balls (including Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade, Titleist and more). C3 SELECT™ Golf Ball packaging contains the PERFORMANCE CERTIFIED™ security mark indicating these golf balls have been validated across the 6-Point performance check, performed exclusively by GolfBallTest.org.

1Not required, but recommended. GolfBallSelector.com can be purchased separately online here or in a bundle found on our Ebay Store.

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