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General Information

What is GolfBallSelector.com?
GolfBallSelector.com is an online service that recommends the best ball for golfers based on scientific tests and their own responses to a series of playing and preference questions in our Golf Ball Selector System™.

How do you generate your golf ball recommendations?
Using a patent-pending golf ball rating method, we conduct bench testing of a growing database of golf balls and combine it with ballistics data captured from player and robot testing. This information is combined with the results of the Golf Ball Selector System™ and results in the golfer's recommended balls.

What is your expertise with testing and evaluating golf balls?
GolfBallSelector.com started as a collaborative effort combining the expertise and testing resources of Max Out Golf LLC and Equip2Golf Inc., both of which have an extensive history of golf equipment testing within the industry. GolfBallSelector.com is operated by GBT Technologies LLC, a technology company established in 2007 that delivers equipment decision support services to the golf industry.

Do you work or are you affiliated with the ball manufacturers or retailers?
No, we are completely unbiased in our science and in our recommendations and are not compensated by ball manufacturers in any way.

I don't see any advertising on your site, how does your company make money?
GolfBallSelector.com derives its economic existence from the online fitting services we provide to our members through the Golf Ball Selector System™. We do not accept advertising or sponsorships to subsidize our business. We are pursuing a multi-channel strategy to create awareness of the site, our technologies and to drive sales. Learn more about available opportunities in Become an Affiliate or email us Affiliates@GolfBallSelector.com.

Do you have an Affiliate Program? Yes, GolfBallSelector.com is seeking qualified partners who share our ambition and vision for this venture. We invite affiliates (equipment manufacturers, testing groups, media outlets and other qualified groups) to join us in the promotion and sales of the Golf Ball Selector System™. Affiliates are entitled to receive up to a 20% referral fee for sales directed from Golf Ball Selector System™. For volume sales beyond a set level, we offer additional performance-based fees above 20%. Become an Affiliate or email us Affiliates@GolfBallSelector.com.

Do you have a group purchase or distributor deals for clubs, shop or websites? We are eager to work with affiliates, distributors and resellers. mail us at Affiliates@GolfBallSelector.com for more information.

Can I Advertise or Sponsor Your Site in Some Way?
GolfBallSelector.com does not accept sponsorship advertising; nor do we collect and sell our data to manufacturers. We are completely independent of such relationships and aspire to maintain our leadership as the leading golf equipment performance lab and aid to amateur and professional golfers in support of their ball selection purchasing decisions.

Testing Methodology

How do your ballistics tests work?
We use our patented golf ball rating method called the MPI™ to create a performance index grading the qualities of the golf balls. We capture data on ball distance, spin and accuracy using our patented IGMS system. To ensure accuracy, we conduct ballistics testing on golfers of all styles, skill levels and profiles. Then we conduct robot testing to measure actual launch conditions using average speeds and launch angles demonstrated by human testers. We test all balls with a driver, a 6-Iron and a wedge. Additionally, we measure ball compression, cover hardness, weight,and hotness using standard testing equipment. Test results are validated by our facilities in locations with controlled testing environments using our IGMS launch monitor and staff. This testing data is factored with a member's responses to a set of playing and preference questions from Golf Ball Selector System™ to determine his or her top golf balls.

What golf balls do you test?
GBT Technologies LLC conducts continuous testing of the world's leading golf balls. Our database typically contains 30-40 leading balls produced by manufactures including: Bridgestone, Callaway, Maxfli, Nike, Pinnacle, Srixon, Titleist, TaylorMade, Volvik and Wilson Staff. The database is updated as new balls are released and evaluated, and we will continue to test all of the leading brands and ball types in the future.

What kind of putter-ball testing do you conduct?
GolfBallSelector.com conducted a series of robot and human putter tests in developing our proprietary "feel" algorithms and index. Factors such as a ball's "hotness" off the clubface; cover hardness and acoustical signature are evaluated.

How does a golf ball really affect my game?
Several key golf ball factors can affect a golfer's game: Ball speed, angle of impact, launch angle and spin rate on the ball are all fundamental mechanical factors. Additionally, golf ball construction, compression and cover hardness are also critical parameters. Moreover, golfers have different demands on a ball in terms of distance, control and feel - and those demands change over time and depending on course conditions and location. Fundamentally, a ball will perform differently depending on the type of golfer you are.

Why is your approach to testing better than others?
GolfBallSelector.com utilizes our patented golf ball rating method, and combines bench testing of ball construction, cover and compression measures with that of ballistics testing data, captured through using real player and robot testing. We conduct our studies in a controlled indoor environment. We collect ball ballistics and launch data with the Integrated Golf Measure System (IGMS) launch monitor system. Patented technology embedded in the IGMS ensures accurate measurement and evaluation of golf ball spin characteristics - which is the critical performance driver in determining the best ball to optimize across distance, control and feel. We also conduct assessments of durability, price and relative value.

Most importantly, we believe that the golfer needs to think through why they need to select a ball based on factors of distance, control and feel; and to think through why they need to make trade-off decisions against each of the factors in light of what they are trying to accomplish with various aspects of their game (e.g. mid-iron control, pitch shot feel, overall distance or even putter feel). Our proprietary system is designed to take into account those trade-off decisions and is incorporated into the ball fitting process.

Do you work with the ball manufacturers to conduct your studies? Are you affiliated with any manufacturers or retailers?
We are not compensated by ball manufacturers in any way for presenting our findings in any specific configuration or for directing a member to a site to buy a specific ball. We are unbiased in our science and in our recommendations.

GolfBallSelector.com provides various resources to our customers who are interested in purchasing golf balls before they buy the software application - or at any other time - they are seeking to make a purchase. Buying resources are completely outside of GolfBallSelector.com.

Golf Ball Selector System™

What is the Golf Ball Selector System™?
GolfBallSelector.com, heralded by GOLF Magazine as one of the best innovations in golf, is an interactive online golf ball fitting system that helps golfers select the right golf ball, based on their unique player profile and game objectives. GolfBallSelector.com matches a golf ball to the golfer's unique swing characteristics and game objectives through an innovative online fitting process. The Golf Ball Selector System™ finds the optimum combination of spin rate, ball construction, cover hardness, aerodynamics and other factors to meet each individual golfer's performance objectives - generating a list of recommended golf balls custom-fitted to each player. The GolfBallSelector.com online system is supported by independent testing of leading golf ball models.

What makes the Golf Ball Selector System™ different?
Unlike other ball selection systems, which are based on simplified tradeoffs of distance vs. feel using some form of composite profile of the golfer, our Golf Ball Selector System™ is based on scientific testing and modeling in combination with individual golf ball analysis. In addition, based on our member's feedback, we also factor in the golfer's personal preferences and performance objectives in a nonbiased manner.

How does the Golf Ball Selector System™ work?
The member responds to playing and preference questions and makes critical decisions about their personal performance objectives. These responses are factored with our scientific testing data and golf ball analysis database resulting in five top golf ball recommendations.

How can you fit me for a golf ball if you've never actually watched me swing or gathered any empirical data?
We have been custom fitting equipment to golfers of all calibers since 1996 as well as conducting our own testing and evaluation of golf balls and golf equipment, since the early 1990's. We are leading experts in golf technology and the application of technologies to equipment development and design. By working with golfers every day, we understand very well the critical features and nuances that drive performance - and how different profiles of golfers with different swing characteristics gain different types of performance from the various balls available in the commercial marketplace.

Do you recommend a single "best ball"?
Yes and no. At the conclusion of the ball fitting session, a member will be given a ranking of their "best fit" golf balls. The most current balls in our database will be ranked highest-to-lowest by their indexed values. Users can then click on links to explore additional ball features on our digital catalog.

Do I need my ballistics (launch / golf swing) numbers?
It is critical that members understand their ball speed and general propensity to spin the ball. Although, some members have some idea of their performance metrics, others have never been evaluated. As a golfer initiates the Golf Ball Selector System™ we immediately work with them to create or confirm an initial performance profile. Even if they "know their numbers" we encourage them to take the profiling questionnaire to confirm their beliefs.

Sign Up and Membership

What is involved with each of your pricing plans?

We offer 2 pricing plans: The Standard Plan and The Premium Plan.

  • The Standard Plan retails for $19.95 and provides the golfer with a single fitting session valid for a 30-day period.
  • The Premium Plan retails for $29.95 and provides the Member with an annual membership allowing the user to visit the site as many times during the year as they want to update their profile and access new ball data as they are introduced into the market. Premium members are also entitled to utilize our Learning Center which provides valuable insights and updates on new balls, features and special features.

Under The Premium Plan, an individual user is entitled to access and use the site as many times as they like, but only one user profile is maintained for each account; and sharing of an account among a group is discouraged.

Do I need to download any software or subscribe to use the tool?
You do not need to download software to use our service. The Golf Ball Selector System™ is a web-based application.

Can I upgrade from the Standard Plan to the Premium Plan price plan later and can I still get the savings?
This feature is not available at this time. However, we have various promotional programs that include giving recurring members the opportunity to renew their memberships at a discount.

Do you accept currencies other than USD?
Yes, we accept VISA, American Express, and Discover and can clear credit card transactions submitted outside the United States.

Members can also activate their account by charging submitting a valid coupon or token code provided by a qualified reseller, distributor or from a product/gift card purchase at participating on/off-line partner stores.

Can I give a membership as a gift?
Yes, GolfBallSelector is now available as a gift card with attractive gift tin packaging and accompanying golf ball marker pen. Click HERE for additional information.

Can I share my membership with a friend?
Memberships are offered for a single-user basis. Only one profile can be saved within a given membership. Sharing of the user rights is strongly discouraged.

Do you offer a warranty or return policy?
We provide no representations and warranties regarding the results you may achieve by using our system. All sales are final.

Is my credit card information secure?
We do not store any credit card information on our site. All transactions are processed by authorized third parties who clear transactions on our behalf.

Do you sell or share my personal information with others?
We do not share or sell your personal information. We respect the privacy of our members and ask them to opt-in to receive email updates as new balls are tested and new features added to the system.

How do I cancel my account? Can I get a refund?
All sales are final. If you would like to cancel or deactivate your account, email us at accounts@golfballselector.com

Technical Support

What if I experience technical difficulties while using the Golf Ball Selector System™?

Please email us at TA@GolfBallSelector.com.

How do I access my last session?
Log in with your User ID and Password and you can navigate through the tabs to reach the last part of the fitting. As a member of The Premium Plan, you can update or retake parts or the entire fitting questionnaire to update your profile.

I lost my username and password. What do I do?

Please email us at TA@GolfBallSelector.com.

I am unable to login with my username and password?

Please email us at TA@GolfBallSelector.com.

I am unable to start-up the application, what should I do?

Please email us at TA@GolfBallSelector.com.