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How It Works

Ball Fitting

The overall goal of a golf ball fitting is to help the player select a ball that will achieve the optimal combination of distance, control and feel – the conditions the player may expect to encounter and the type of course and greens played.

In fitting the "best ball" for a given player, physical characteristics of a players swing are key determinants.  Again, ball speed, launch angle and spin rate will drive the initial performance potential of the golfer – and the potential groups of "best fit" balls.  The good news is that through a combination of technology and technique modifications, the performance potential can be improved.  Part of this equation is selecting that set of ball characteristics which will help the player address challenges arising from the underlying swing, but then adding in new elements to the equation, based on the player's preferences and skill levels.  For example:

Is the player looking for maximum distance? If yes:

  • Higher launch with low spin rates will be key
  • Surlyn covers tend to produce higher launch and ball speed
  • Players with limited shaft loading will like softer core balls
  • Ball choices will tend to be limited to two piece construction

Is the player looking for control and workability? If yes:

  • Lower launch angles and more spin off the iron will be preferred
  • Balls would likely have a multi core or multi cover construction
  • Urethane and blended covers are the current popular cover choice

Other considerations in ball selection include:

  • Green speeds (firmer and faster requires softer &  more spin)
  • Firmness of turf
  • Altitude
  • Temperature and wind conditions

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