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How It Works

How do you find your perfect ball?

1. Join GolfBallSelector.com.

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2. Learn the science of Golf Ball selection.

Our Interactive Learning Center provides the comprehensive resources that will teach you every aspect of golf ball performance and the science behind it - the perfect primer for our golf ball fitting process – The Golf Ball Selector System™.  

3. Determine your golfer profile.

The Golf Ball Selector System™ uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative measures to generate precise recommendations.  Our strategic process will help you consider factors such as your clubhead speed, launch angle and spin-rate. The result is the determination of a swing profile unique to you, used as you move forward in the ball fitting process.

Some golfers know their clubhead speed, launch angle of ball flight, and maybe their spin-rate.  Other golfers have never been evaluated, and often guess (mistakenly) about how far they carry a driver, or don't fully appreciate how spin affects their performance (as they trade-off spin for driver, mid-irons and wedge/touch shots).  In fact, there are a myriad of factors that are unique to a given golfer, including where the golfer actually plays and in what conditions the round is carded. As you enter The Golf Ball Selector System™ we help you create or confirm an initial profile of your swing characteristics.  Even if you "know your numbers" we encourage you to take the profiling questionnaire to confirm your beliefs.

4. Take the quiz.

Once we determine your individual profile, you tell us what you are trying to accomplish in various aspects of your game.  Our online quiz will ask you to make trade-off decisions about distance, control and feel that we will incorporate into your ball recommendations. We believe that golfers need to think through why they make trade-off decisions involving various aspects of their game, such as mid-iron control, pitch shot feel, overall distance or even putter feel.  

The Golf Ball Selector System™ is an innovative online application that will guide you through a well-constructed fitting process based on our proprietary performance profiling questionnaire and preference weighting system.  We have built our own proprietary patent-pending technology to power The Golf Ball Selector System™ Utilizing dynamic data processing and modeling techniques, our system generates optimized recommendations through a user-friendly interface and interactive decision-support structure. We are rigorous in our data collection and analysis and fact-based in our recommendations. Our technology specifically matches user preferences to the performance data we assemble and takes out subjective options of scoring " experts." The result is a system designed to take into account critical trade-off decisions and to incorporate this type of technology into your golf ball fitting process.

5. Get your ball.

Based on our testing and your choices, we'll serve you up a list of your "best fit" golf balls – and give you a recommended "best ball" fit. Once you establish the list of balls that are right for you, you can then click on links to explore additional ball features in our Digital Ball Catalog™.

6. Reset your priorities.

Following the fitting session you can rebalance your priorities for distance, control and feel preferences. We'll then restack the rating bars and display a new line up of possible balls for you balls based on your new performance priorities. How do you reset your priorities? Just "move the slider" inside The Golf Ball Selector System™.

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