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Facts About Recycled Golf Balls

What are recycled golf balls?

Recycled or "previously owned" golf balls are recovered mainly from ponds and lakes. In some cases, these balls have been hit only once (or only a few times) by a golfer. The highest grades of these recycled golf balls are almost indistinguishable from a new ball - yet can sell at up to a 50% discount to the price charged at retail. Lower grade recycled golf balls may be distinguished by cosmetic blemishes/changes to the cover and/or have been imprinted with logos.

Here are examples of 4 different grades of recycled golf balls:

GolfBallSelector.com believes that recycled golf balls can offer an excellent alternative to buying new for many golfers. Moreover, buying recycled golf balls is less expensive and an easy "green" action that golfers can take to preserve our resources and help the planet.

Is performance compromised if I select a recycled golf ball over a new golf ball?

GolfBallSelector.com has conducted independent testing of recycled golf balls. Initial compression and cover hardness testing by GBT Technologies, LLC indicates that AAAAA recycled golf balls perform at levels comparable to new golf balls. Lower grade balls have clear changes to visual appearance - and may have been exposed to adverse environmental elements that are impossible to determine. We would expect these balls to have some degradation in performance - that may not make them desirable for tournament/regular play.

What is the difference in these "grades" of recycled golf balls?

Balls are sorted and "graded" based on multiple factors, such as scuffs, abrasions, blemishes and obvious discoloring. Below is the PERFORMANCE CERTIFIED™ by GolfBallTest.org Quality Grade Scale system.

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