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About Us

Who We Are

GolfBallSelector.com, GolfBallTest.org and TheRightBall.com are owned and operated by GBT Technologies LLC, a technology company established in 2007 to focus on delivering decision support services to the golf industry.

About GolfBallSelector.com

Heralded by Golf Magazine as one of the best innovations in golf, GolfBallSelector.com is the independent resource for information and assistance in selecting the right golf ball for individual players. Through this online golf ball fitting system, golfers set their own game objectives and goals as well as their own individual preferences for distance, control and feel attributes in a golf ball to derive individualized rankings of recommended balls, from a testing database of 40+ leading golf balls. GolfBallSelector.com also publishes the Ball Buyers Guide and the Digital Ball Catalog™. Annual Memberships are available for $29.95 and 30-Day Memberships are available for $19.95.

About GolfBallTest.org

GolfBallTest.org (GBT) conducts independent testing and data analysis of leading golf balls sold primarily in the United States, utilizing benchtesting as well as swing robots and real golfers. GolfBallTest.org publishes its scientific findings and reporting on golf ball technology advances and industry activity at GolfBallTest.org. GBT is the testing organization of GolfBallSelector.com.

About TheRightBall.com

TheRightBall.com is a free online golfball fitting service offered by GolfBallSelector.com. This service allows prospective members to test the various features that are available in the full-feature GolfBallSelector.com system. TheRightBall.com utilizes a database of 12 reference golfballs versus the 40+ that are in use in the full-feature system.

Unbiased and Independent

We are brand neutral in all of our work and in our ball recommendations and aspire to maintain our leadership and independence as the leading golf equipment performance lab and aid to amateur and professional golfers in support of their ball selection decisions.GolfBallSelector.com is a member-supported business which does not accept advertising, product endorsements or sponsorships. TheRightBall.com and GolfBallTest.org are advertising-supported web sites which may display ads and promotions for golf equipment or golfballs.